FUTSAL 4 LIFE lives and breathes Futsal, and it is our passion for the game that drives us to provide the best Futsal experience for all our players.

Futsal found its way into our lives 15 years ago, where it provided the perfect outlet for off-season training. We were hooked! Its intensity, technical development and propensity for team fun, got into our blood and will never leave us.

As the term ‘Futsal’ unites Spanish and Portuguese words to mean ‘Hall Football’, so does the game, bringing together people from diverse countries, ages and sexes to play, kick goals and to side-step opposition.

We are Football obsessives and seek to share our verve for the game. Football takes all forms in our world, whether it be Futsal, 5 a side or 7 a side leagues that we provide.

The main differences in the format of the games comprise:

1. The type of ball – Futsal use a size 4 ball of lower bounce. 5+ a side uses size 5 ball outdoor balls.

2. Surface of play – Futsal utilises a faster type of surface to ensure the ball zips around. 5+ a side is predominately on astro turf, whose aim is to mimic real football conditions.

3. Indoor or Outdoor? Futsal indoors. 5+ a side can be either, weather is no issue.

4. Lines of play – Futsal plays with lines, so the ball can be out of play more regularly. 5+ a side usually has rebound walls, ensuring continuous play.

We have parlayed the essential elements of each format of the different games to ensure the most enjoyable social games, played in a fun manner. The consistent elements are:

1. Players allowed everywhere on the pitch, including the keeper.

2. No head height rule

3. No tackle/attempt on the ball from behind – Ensures players protected from behind. Historically we have found the best players don’t actually tackle they just use anticipation and movement.

4. Counted fouls – Ensure games are monitored in terms of infringements.

5. Enjoyment is mandatory. Ha! Seriously. Yes. Smile.

FUTSAL 4 LIFE provides Futsal with the utmost importance placed on the playing experience. Feedback provides the cornerstone of constantly monitoring and improving operational performance. Our directive is to have a good time. Enjoy the game for what it is – the greatest sport in the world.

Futsal is 4 life.