+ What does Futsal mean?

The name is derived from the Portuguese ‘Futebol De Salao’ and the Spanish words ‘Futbol De Salon’, abbreviated to ‘Futbol Sala’, meaning ‘Hall Football’ or ‘Indoor Football’.

+ What is the difference between Futsal and Football (Soccer)?

Futsal is played indoors and all year around – no seasonality restrictions here! The ball is a size 4 which is one size smaller and a little heavier, promoting technical skill development, intricate passing and movement in smaller environments.

+ What is the process of entering a team?

You can register below, or call us on 0431 536 658.

+ How much do the games cost per team?

The cost per team is either $80 or $75 per game depending on venue and day. Registration cost paid each season for the WHOLE team of $50.

+ What is the Last Game Bond?

The Last Game Bond represents a payment in advance for the last game. This money is held for the season and is used if there is a forfeit or money owed during the season. In the event of a forfeit with less than 24 hours notice, the team must pay the equivalent of both teams match fees for that game. More than 24 hours notice incurs one match fee as there are fixed costs involved with running competitions regardless of whether the game takes place. If there are no forfeits or money owed, then the Last Game Bond pays for the final game of the season, or it can be rolled over to the next season.

+ What are the requirements for Mixed Teams?

Mixed teams require at least two females on the court at all times. In the event of only one female being available to play, the team can only play with four players, and not the usual five. Permission can be asked of the opposition, if they agree to waive the requirement. There is always a high probability of borrowing a player from the game before to help with team numbers.

+ Does the standard vary between competitions?

The competition levels do vary between locations and quite often on the same evening. We will always seek to place your team in the most suitable competitions that we have available and are always contactable if you have any thoughts about your team’s progress in the season.

+ What if we have never played before?

Futsal 4 Life caters to all standards of play. If you have never played before, we will introduce the game to you, give you a few tips and place you in a competition suitable to your abilities

+ Can I register as an individual?

Registration as a team is the preferred mode of application for Futsal 4 Life competitions. However, we realise that it is difficult at times to get a team organised due to moving to a new city, or family commitments of friends and family, so Futsal 4 Life do attempt to accommodate individuals into teams. It is at times quite difficult to get teams to gel where they are all individuals who do not know each other, so we recommend that you at least try to get a team organised prior, possibly through websites such as gumtree.com.au.

+ How long are the seasons?

The season length duration varies due to the number of the teams in the competition. Ideally teams are to play each other twice in a season, which in itself is dependent on the number of teams in the competition and the variations in the fixture (due to a team leaving etc).

+ What happens with Public Holidays including Christmas/New Years and the fixturing of games?

Futsal 4 Life takes into consideration Public Holidays. We have approximately 2 – 3 weeks off over Xmas/New Year depending on the day that these Public holidays fall on, leading to slightly more or slightly less of a break.

+ How Do Finals Series Work?

The final series in a division comprises the top four teams that play in the finals. Semi Finals comprise 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3 with the winner playing in the Grand Final. There are 3rd place play off games for the runners up of the Semi Finals. If there is a large division then we play two pools of finals which comprise Semi Finals of 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3 being Pool A and Pool B being 5 vs 8, 6 vs 7, with the winners playing off in the Grand Final and the Runners up playing off for 3rd place.

+ Are Shin Guards compulsory?

Futsal 4 Life leaves the decision regarding shin guards entirely up to the player’s discretion. They are not compulsory but are recommended. Futsal 4 Life reminds players that sporting activity contains inherent physical risks and that they must ensure they are adequately protected against injury.

+ What are the uniform requirements to play Futsal?

Players are required to wear tops of the same colour. Footwear is required to be flat, non-marking shoes, preferably Futsal specific shoes. Turf shoes, or other marking type footwear are not allowed to be utilised indoor and players will be asked to leave the court to change footwear.Turf shoes however for Outdoor 5s are however perfect footwear.

+ What happens if our team thinks we need to forfeit a match?

Forfeits are a last, last resort as it results in your team having to pay 2 match fees (with less than 24 hours notice), and you lose 3 points. A forfeit with more than 24 hours is 1 x match fee. This is to provide a disincentive due to it being very unsettling to a competition, as it inconveniences the team that has made the effort to make their scheduled game coupled with ongoing business expenses of court hire, staff and related to provision of game.

For immediate shortage of player solutions, Facebook is great for fill ins:

If it comes to game day and you only have 2 or 3 players, send them down to the game and borrow players from the game before. This way the opposition and your team get to play.

To help avoid forfeits in the future:

  • Captains notify their team of game times as early as they can after last game played
  • Fixtures are available online at www.futsalforlife.com.au.
  • Organise teams early in the week for confirmation.
  • Set up a Facebook group, Whatsapp, centralise your communications.

If you are struggling to get numbers regularly, let us know and we can provide some contact details for players. Or a fill in for a week or so.

+ Does Futsal 4 Life provide insurance cover for players?

Futsal 4 Life does not provide insurance cover for players. Players must insure themselves get their own personal medical and ambulance cover and to ensure adequate income protection insurance. Sporting activities and training involve inherent risks and players must ensure adequate insurance cover. Futsal 4 Life’s officers and officials do not accept any liability for any injury that occurs to a player during a game.

+ What happens in the event of a red card?

In the event of a red card, the player will be asked to leave the court and will not play any further part in the game, and will be suspended for the next game. The team will play with one player down for 5 minutes. After five minutes, the referee will notify the team and they can then bring a different player on. Futsal 4 Life reserves the right to review any red card decisions and extend any suspension duration, including imposing bans.

+ Does Futsal 4 Life hire out courts?

Futsal 4 Life do not hire out courts as we are not allowed to as part of our lease agreements with the venues we utilise.

+ What is the Futsal 4 Life privacy policy?

Futsal 4 Life is committed to providing you with the best possible Futsal, 5 a side and 7 a side competitions. Futsal 4 Life is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Crh), which sets out a number of principles concerning the privacy of individuals. Collection of your personal information

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Sharing of your personal information

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Use of your personal information

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Changes to this Privacy Policy

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Accessing Your Personal Information

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Contacting us

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