Footscray Mens Futsal


Monday, Tuesday

Games times vary between 620pm and 940pm


$75 per game,
$50 Registration per team

Victoria University Park Campus

Building L, Level 1,
Corner Ballarat & Geelong Roads,
Footscray VIC 3011

Footscray Mens Futsal 3.jpg


  • 2 court stadium

  • 3 divisions, 9 teams in each division

  • Monday and Tuesday leagues

  • Seasons comprise weekly games that culiminate in finals over 2 weeks, usually 18 weeks in duration, with occasional longer seasons.

  • Semi finals 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3

  • Grand finals semi finals winners play off

  • 3rd place play offs, semi finals runners up play off

  • Trophies issued to teams in grand finals. 


Mills Court is the closest parking to the venue, you have to pay up to 9pm. Otherwise free parking is available


On Ballarat road past geelong road intersection on left going away from the city. Or behind the Swimming Pool, which you can enter from Fisherman’s bend and turn into Maribyrnong Boulevard.

Footscray Mens Futsal.jpg