Hey all,

If you are like me and you spend endless hours in front of the computer, there will be an occasion where your mind wanders and you need a brief respite. Desperately realising that  Spotify does not have TOTO – Africa (it does), then I recommend  these Football Podcasts- (as recommended to me by an Englishman, a Scotsman and a German/Irishman):

1. Guardian Football Podcast – James Richardson is a maestro mediator that is 3 mental steps ahead of his panel that are all elite football minds. Worth it to listen to the reverence they all have for Jonathan Wilson when he speaks, and the crazy Portuguese guy – can’t remember his name – he brings the most emotion to panel.

2. The Football Ramble Imagine 4 highly knowledgeable football lads engaging in lager fueled banter. Actually it is much better than that description.

3. The Second Captains Footbal This is as cerebral as it gets. Living proof that shit weather translates to considered analysis.