Hey all, hope you are doing well and enjoying your Futsal. Enjoyment is obviously the reason that we participate in any type of activity by choice. I have witnessed a huge amount of social Futsal and have some insights into how to maximise your enjoyment of playing social sport. These conclusions have been derived from being an observer, a player, official and manager.

  1. Expectations – The higher the expectations that you place on yourself or your team, the more pressurized an environment will become. Be zen about it, play for the moment without emotion.

  2. Communication – The successful teams are a well organised unit that in essence are a living breathing Futsal organism. Attack to defense involves a contraction of space and shape usually to 2-2 formation in your own half. This occurs most effectively by making your team mates aware of positioning. This is most efficiently orchestrated by the keeper. ”Back Left” “Back Right” are simple yet effective commands.

  3. Smiles – If you play with a smile on your face, how can you not enjoy yourself? Enjoyment is infectious. Just don’t overdo it as you will appear creepy.

  4. Sportsmanship – I find that if you return a ball to your opposition they will appreciate it. No need to kick the ball away unless you want to receive a yellow card and isolate yourself from the Futsal community for petulance.

  5. Empathy – If your opponent falls down, when you offer a hand up that is a bridge of a connection that they will remember. If a male gets whacked in the nether regions with a ball; stifle your laughter and ask him if he is OK- in a high pitched voice.

  6. Respecting the referee – Referees are officiate games because of the love of the sport. They don’t have favourites, they merely see the game in a similar manner to The Matrix. Binary code filtering down in the form of incandescent green. Don’t pester or annoy. Don’t berate. A happy referee will bring you closer to Futsal Utopia.

  7. Engaging with opposition – Share a joke. Banter. New friend. Made.

  8. Choose your team mates wisely – Angry mates are not a good idea to play with. A very small minority have a tendency towards white line fever. Their normal affable selves depart as soon as the game starts and they turn into brusque, aggressive and generally unpleasant Futsal participants. Maybe omit them from your Fantasy team. Possibly get them a weekend away at a meditation retreat. Breathe deeply angry friend. Those veins popping out of your forehead look pressurised. Breathe.

  9. Socialise with the opposition where possible – Finals are always a good opportunity to get to know your opposition. We encourage teams to grab a drink at the closest watering hole. It’s interesting how you create manifestations of people that you don’t know. Have a chat and see what they are on about. Better than a Linked In Profile.

Let me know if there is anything else that you think would contribute to the enjoyment of Futsal.


Futsal Pete