Futsal Longevity _ Active Injury Prevention

The biggest thing I have learned recently in terms of playing longevity is what I’d call Proactive Rehab. How does one ensure they are in the best condition to minimise injuries and diminish the affect of ageing? I’m no expert, but I have a few thoughts from my own experiences. This is with the caveat that I am old. Relatively.

The aim of any player is to play for as long as you can and as much as you can. Prior to playing I used to engage in an apathetic collection of static stretches - hamstring, groin, calves - Sorted. Then plyometrics became a big thing, so I started jumping around with a confused look on my face before games. I strongly advise a warm up that is best catered to you and don’t want to give any medical advice in that regard. It makes sense to get the heart rate up, get the blood flowing, engage in increasingly stressed actions that you will perform, start passing and moving.

The FIFA football recommended injury prevention program instructs that after a warm up and all requisite muscle stretching, to engage in The 11 Injury Prevention Program. It is an interesting read for the social player, and could be gospel for the outdoor player.

Overall, I am firmly convinced that you should pretend you are in rehab at all times. This should focus on strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility in conjunction with a weight/resistance program. The trick with this is to ensure it isn’t boring, because as soon as that becomes apparent, motivation flies out the window and Champions League Semi Final replays seem more appealing. Again.

My version of proactive rehab currently is Kieser and Yoga. We have no connection to Kieser beyond being a member of their services. I spoke to one guy who said he couldn’t run for a bus, and then 6 months later he was doing a triathalon. There is something to be said for physio diagnosis of ailments, then exercise physiologists showing you the form required, with specifically designed weight machines for rehabilitation and ongoing strengthening. A Futsal family member has started a holistic wellness centre in Fitzroy that could be a good shout for your Yoga, Nutrition, Myotherapy and Reiki needs at The Urban Health Collective.

The next stage could well be Cryonics. Just joking…..

The Secret Futsaller